“Happy Birthday, Jesus!”  Hallelujah, the Savior of the World is Born! The month of December is one of the biggest times of the year for Christians everywhere.  We should rejoice and eagerly celebrate the arrival of our Lord and Savior.  Not only was He born into the world, but He took on the sins of the world, and paid the ultimate price with His life on the cross at Calvary.  Because Jesus lived and died, we too have life and salvation though His name.  Oh, but there’s more, because He rose from the dead, we too shall rise and meet the Lord in the air.  Let us not fail to give thanks to God above for His unspeakable gift.  Touch somebody’s life with the love of Jesus that has been shed abroad in our heart.  Bring a smile to someone’s face with kind expressions of love and goodwill.  Restore someone’s hope in God and humanity as you sacrifice to share your blessings with others.  Let this Christmas truly be a very special Christmas where Christ’s love is exemplified in all that we think, say, and do.  And lastly, remember your church with your tithes and offerings because it is from God that all blessings flow.  Merry Christmas and a Happy and Spiritually prosperous New Year.








       Pastor W. Charles Morrow